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Honortronics Modules - Example Applications

A complete high-resolution photon-counter/analog detector for a photomultiplier tube equipped with a USB interface

Ultra-Sensitive Light Detector

What an application looks like

A Complete Luminescence Instrument

Here a number of different modules are combined to form a complex instrument


Automated Conveyor Belt

This shows how a complex system can be implemented with just a few modules

Pump/Well Monitor

This is a common application that uses a solar panel and power monitoring to control a remote well


Temperature Controller

This module stack can be used for something simple like a thermostat in your home, or as a complicated controller for a GC oven.


Grounds Security

This is just one example of a common application that can be accomplished and made better using modules


Drilling Pitch Indicator

This module assembly can act as a data logger to measure the amount of pitch in a hole as it is being drilled


Automated Weigh Scale

Another common application that can be accomplished and made more intelligent by the use of modules


Gas Chromatograph

Another complex instrument that is made possible using Honortronics Modules