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A detector comprised of three boards that supplies all elements required for a photomultiplier tube and yields the result in a number of high-resolution wide-dynamic-range outputs.

Photomultiplier Tube Interface - Overview

PMT Socket/Pre-Amp

A specially designed printed circuit board that incorporates the PMT Dynode Biasing resistors and an ultra-high performance Op-Amp to condition the signal that comes from the photomultiplier.



Photon Counter/Analog Detector

An ultra-high performance circuit designed specifically for a photomultiplier tube.  This board has an on-board Digital Signal Processor and has the ability to output the results in a number of high-resolution wide-dynamic range formats.


Detector Power Supply

This board is designed as a compliment to the PMT Detector board.  It provides High-Voltage to the PMT for biasing as well as isolated analog voltages to the pre-amp.