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Core Modules

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Sensors / Input


Honortronics Sensors/Input Modules Overview

These can be optional additions that can add the ability to read a wide variety of sensors.

Photomultiplier Tube Interface

A detector comprised of three boards that supplies all elements required for a photomultiplier tube and yields the result in a number of high-resolution wide-dynamic-range outputs.

Strain Gauge/RTD

An intelligent interface to a strain gauge and RTD input.  This board has the ability to act as the Main Processor in loop powered applications.

Lock-In Amplifier/Driver

This module has an active bridge and drive circuit that is capable of distinguishing a small signal when in the presence of a high background signal.

Environmental Monitor

This module is used to provide Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure

Position Sensor

A module that will give the modules position in X-Y-and Z coordinates similar to a Wii remote.

High-Performance Analog

Three modules that allow interfacing to high-impedance, trans-impedance, or high-resolution

Digital Inputs

Two modules that provide digital inputs that are either isolated or multiplexed inputs